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Small private house of 100 m² – Building is easy and simple

Small private house of 100 m² – Building is easy and simple

Which of us does not dream of living in a beautiful big house? But, often, financial opportunities do not allow to build and maintain a cottage with a large area.

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In addition, the building plot can be small or complex configurations, where it is simply unrealistic to place a large building in area. The ideal solution is to build a small private house on your site.

ArchitectsFearon Hay Architects
Area100.0 m2
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Modern architecture, thanks to the imagination and development of the designers, represents a large number of both standard and unique designs of small houses.

Perhaps the easiest option for the construction of a small dwelling will be the use of a ready-made project. After all, additional funds are needed to develop project documentation.

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If you want to save on documentation, then you can contact a specialized construction company. Designers will take into account your wishes and help you choose the option that suits your case.

Construction stages

The first thing the construction company specialists do is go to the construction site. According to the plan of the construction site, relief cannot be determined. With large volumes of earthwork to level the surface of the construction site, the cost of building the building will increase.

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An important issue is the availability of buildings in neighboring areas. There are building codes and rules that put forward certain requirements for the placement of buildings. For example, regulated by the distance from the border of neighboring sections, fire breaks.

It is also important to properly orient the building to the cardinal points. After all, it is, for example, all year round in the living room with artificial light on – not very comfortable.

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You should also decide in advance how and where farm buildings will be located. Perhaps you plan to arrange a pool or a small lake on the site – all this must be taken into account when planting the building.

Specialists will make the binding of a typical project to the site or offer you to develop a new design solution.

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Do not forget that before starting the construction of the house it is necessary to submit a notice to the competent authority about the planned construction of the house. If until August 4, 2018 it was necessary to obtain a permit for the construction of individual residential houses, and summer cottages and garden houses did not require a permit, now the procedure has changed. For any house construction, a notice should be given. Documents prescribed by law are also submitted to the completed document form.

Now it is not required to submit to the competent authority the urban development plan of the site and the development plan.

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After waiting for notification of the compliance of the planned construction with the established parameters, you can proceed to the construction work. You can execute them within ten years from the date of receipt of the document.

The construction of a small private house

You have the right both to build a house on your own and to use the services of a construction company that will perform all turnkey works.

Construction work must be carried out in compliance with all stages and technologies. Otherwise, the building may not last long or even worse – collapse in a short time. Specialists will take into account the geological features of the site, the level of freezing of the soil, the level of groundwater, permissible loads on the foundation and other structural elements.

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Also, depending on your financial capabilities, you can choose both expensive building materials, and cheap. The cost of materials does not always determine their quality. Choosing everything you need for construction is also advisable with specialists.

Therefore, if you are not a specialist in the field of construction, then such a serious issue as building a house should be entrusted to professionals.

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Actually, not only the construction of walls and roofs need to be approached correctly, but also to providing the house with utilities. Often in the areas remote from the city center there are no engineering networks for gas supply, water supply and drainage.

Communications in a small private house

Therefore, it is important to think ahead how the house will be heated, where the water will be taken from and how the drains will be discharged. Modern technologies can significantly save on energy resources. As an example – the use of solar panels. Although at the initial stage you will have to pay a tidy sum for the panels, in a few years all this can pay off with interest.

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Upon completion of construction work, it is necessary to submit a notice of completion to the competent authority. New legislation does not require commissioning of the facility.

I hope you have received the information you need. And soon a small private house will flaunt on your site: beautiful, cozy, comfortable and energy-efficient.

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