Inner Courtyard House ⏩ Two-level design of a modern home project ~ 333k+ House Photos
Inner Courtyard House ⏩ Two-level design of a modern home project

Inner Courtyard House ⏩ Two-level design of a modern home project

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Since ancient times, people have tried to protect their homes from prying eyes. Over time, the development of architecture and new construction technologies made it possible to turn an ordinary courtyard into a real masterpiece of landscaping. Designed house with an internal courtyard with an unusual layout and location becomes a secluded place for families. If you don’t know how to turn the site territory littered with unnecessary rubbish, then take the luxurious project from the architects of CR2 Arquitetura as an example.


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Unique landscaping area cottage in Sao Paulo is not just a guard, but the real art of creation and transformation of the landscape. The furnished courtyard of the residential building allows you to enjoy the silence, moving away from the bustle of the outside world.

courtyard house

courtyard house
courtyard inside house

Atrium layout is relevant for any layout of space. The classic U-shaped house with a courtyard, shown in the photo, provides a functional arrangement of the living area and utility rooms. The building is divided into separate parts, each of which is made in a simple minimalist style. The exterior façade blends perfectly with the beautiful green patio area.


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Modern house with patio has a small area. Despite this, a well-planned territory visually looks voluminous and free. This effect is created due to the location of the garden on the operated roof. Now palm trees can grow not only on the ground, but also on the roof of the veranda. Each square meter of the adjacent area is reserved for landscaping.


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During the design process, architects selected natural materials. Walkways, flowerpots in the form of cylinders, decorative podiums are made of concrete to match the facade. The area around the pool and its fencing are finished with a terrace board.

house with courtyard in the middle

house with courtyard in the middle
courtyard style house

Striking the central part of the site in the form of a square in the middle of a planted artificial turf. At this place, children can play or you can just sit reading a book under the warm rays of the sun.

modern courtyard house

modern courtyard house
small courtyard inside house

There is no doubt that the design of the courtyard in this style has a wonderful atmosphere that predisposes to a complete idyll. For the arrangement of the territory, wooden furniture was selected in the form of tables, chairs, a sofa. The courtyard is complemented by an open kitchen, which allows for an outdoor barbecue for the whole family.


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Very often, the courtyards of one-story houses provide for the presence of different water structures. A great option was a small pool, where on a hot day you can cool off under the shade of trees. Despite the small size of the tank, it is quite enough for a small family to relax.

house with central courtyard

house with central courtyard
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For added convenience, architects designed a place for sunbeds. The rectangular shape of the pool is in harmony with the geometric lines of all sites.


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Despite the noble appearance of the building itself, the stylish decoration of the walls, panoramic windows, the expensive finish of the open kitchen, the main focus is landscaping. No house with a courtyard will have aesthetic perfection if there are no plantings in it. In this case, the designers chose to preserve the natural vegetation of the area. Exotic trees, beautiful flowers in concrete flowerpots, shrubs hanging from the second floor of a branch, grass cover convey the naturalness of the Brazilian flora.

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Landscape project is divided into two levels, each of which is covered with greenery. To the lower part of the courtyard is horizontally located the upper terrace. Such a complex engineering solution conveys colorfulness, creates impeccable contrast and reunites both levels.

Architects CR2 Arquitetura
Area400 m2
Photo Fran Parente

modern home with courtyard

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